Chalti Chakki Dekh Kar

For a long time, I had been wondering why does Kabira cries when he observes stone-powered grinding machine working. What is in the two stones that is making kabira so emotional, so sad. What had he find in that spinning piece of stones. If you love listening, I fetched a youtube video that recites these beautiful verses.

चक्की चलती देख कर दिया कबीर रोई ।

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If I Fall in Love with ❤️…

तेरे रूप की एक झलक ने मुझे इतना बदल दिया अगर मैं राम का दीवाना हो गया वो इस दुनिया को कितना बदल देगा। A glimpse of your figure can change me this much then imagine how much this world would be changed by him if I fall in love with Ram (the infinite figure of love & truth)
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Hello World!

Hey world, It’s been a long time since I paused writing on the web. I started my journey from, followed by: technofy tekhdecoded: live | archieve pushmyblog Most of my publication used to be tech-related but is extinct now, due to non-maintenance and non-renewal they are unpublished from the web. Sadly there aren’t any sufficient web archives available of the above link. Fortunately, I imported some of the contents to Medium Blog but I don’t update there since I don’t really like the ideas of marketing my posts.
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