Hey world,

It’s been a long time since I paused writing on the web.

I started my journey from inmyplanet.com, followed by:

Most of my publication used to be tech-related but is extinct now, due to non-maintenance and non-renewal they are unpublished from the web. Sadly there aren’t any sufficient web archives available of the above link.

Fortunately, I imported some of the contents to Medium Blog but I don’t update there since I don’t really like the ideas of marketing my posts.

Me at Lonavala dam
from Lonavala album (Sept’19)

In case if you don’t have rough idea about me and had landed into this blog randomly,

In this material world, I currently play the role of a Software developer, traveller and a laconic, reticent and mysterious yet completely open human being.

I restrain from using social media unless it’s very important or to utilise the blank time.

इसकी बातों से लग रहा है इसने अभी ही बैराग्य धारण कर लिया है | कैसी बहकी बहकी बातें कर रहा हैं अपने बारे में ये आदमी |

translated: His self-description is like he had already renounced the world. How seductive does he talks about himself!

I could suggest you to scroll animeshsingh.in and read something about.me. Somehow, you might even get interested in stalking my social media profiles and kissing some of my candid secretly. Here are some of the link but I can’t promise to respond your DM instantly.

Social Links:

After a long time, I’m thinking to re-start writing and publishing my content.

This blog would be focusing on abstract ideas, evaluations from my conscious observations. I would also not make this ultimate abstract personal journal blog.

I might not open most of the topics for discussions as I feel I don’t want to debate all the time here. But if you feel itchy and can’t refrain yourself from arguing me, perhaps I might read your emails at [email protected] if it has the apt Subject to make my nerves tinker.

Also, if you find any bugs or grammatical errors and want to correct it yourself, send a pull request at my blogAS Github repo or if you don’t code (which you should learn) just raise an issue.

I’m currently using hugo and Github Pages for generating and publishing this static site.

Someone is watching you - pose

Meanwhile, if you get nasty reading some of the posts, remind yourself of this picture.

Also, if you find this post got a lot technical and you couldn’t decipher it, forgive me.

But I can guarantee that I would be writing content that would regularly challenge your common sense, humour sense, intellectual sense and your ego.