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Top 5 CSS Framework’s to opt for You Site in 2016.

Animesh SinghAnimesh Singh

CSS FRAMEWORK’S – Which One’s the Smallest, Fastest, Best?

Hey There, First Of All I’d Like to Give you a Warm Welcome and I’m One of The New Admin of PushMyBlog and Without Further due, Let’s Get Started.

Today’s Topic is all About CSS Frameworks a.k.a Front-End Frameworks, They Help you Build Sites Quicker, Faster, Responsive and Beautiful, So Yeah Let’s Jump Into the Frameworks.

1. Semantic UI

The Semantic Framework Was Build to tackle Bootstrap and Was a Huge Success but Still it Was Not That Popular then Bootstrap, But I Personally Feel Semantic is a lot user friendly, Easy and Better.

Semantic has Beautiful Animations, Stylish Buttons, Icons that are Better Than Glyphicons and In My Opinion Everything Is Better than Bootstrap & How Can I Forget this, They Have Amazing Conditional Buttons.


Semantic has Excellent Documentation, So that anyone can learn this CSS-Framework easily and get perfection in just weeks.

Know More about Semantic :

2. Skeleton

I Love Skeleton’s and I Mean it, I Love the Skeleton Framework as It’s Easy, Clean, Minimal, Simple and Responsive, Skeleton is one of My Most Used CSS-Framework’s, I mainly use it When I’m making One-Pager Sites with Minimal Content and Skeleton always Gives an Amazing Result.

As Skeleton is Very Small in Size, The Site’s you make would load up quickly and One thing I Forgot to mention is that with skeleton you can make Beautiful Forms and Buttons.

Know More about Skeleton :


3. Bootstrap

I’m bored of Using this Framework and I’m only Including this In Our List Only Because It’s Easy To Use, Fast To Make Website’s With, It’s Grid System and Popularity.

Bootstrap these Day’s is Mostly used By People for It’s Grid System and Bootstrap 4 Alpha, Bootstrap 4 is the Latest Version of Bootstrap and It’s in Alpha state Which Not Recommended to Be Used because it can have many bugs and there’s no-documentation, Still Bootstrap is a Good Framework.

Know More about bootstrap :


4. Materialize

Materialize is a Framework Inspired by Google’s Material Design Themeing, Has Excellent Documentation, Has Stylish Animations, Materialized Buttons and Much More.

I Personally Don’t use this Framework too much, But I’ve Used it a Few Times which Helped me make Site’s Suitable to Google’s Material and Modern Design and It Helps a Lot When you’ve to Create Site’s Like that and This CSS-Framework is Good Enough.

Know More about Materialize at :


5. Foundation

Foundation is An advanced responsive front-end framework. Foundation is built with Sass,Which is indeed a powerful CSS pre-processor, which allows me to develop much more quickly by Foundation itself, and gives you new tools to quickly customize and build on top of Foundation.

Know More about Foundation at :


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