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Animesh SinghAnimesh Singh

Earning money online is quite hard. And Basically, hardly anyone knows the way to earn money through internet and the ways to do so. But theirs one place where you can earn great amount of money just shortening links and sharing them! Yup! Its called and its the highest paying link shortener! Lemme say you more about the procedure to earn so! 😉

Few Basic Features of, Before we start-

So, lets Start with Signing up for Its quite easy and you can just fill in details and sign up HERE.

After you have signed up, you will see your homepage and their You will find many options and features which the Link shortener is offering its users. Well without going much detailed, you can just shorten a link you think is greatly popular and insert it on your website, youtube channel or something else! It works like a charm!  After you have joined, it’s time to work on your strategies to make the best use of and earn money. Don’t worry; i’ll share some working techniques so that you can implement them to make over $100 per month. I am amazing right? :p

Share YouTube Video Links

You can shorten and share funny, scary or any trending YouTube videos on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus or any other social networking sites to maximize your earnings. The more clicks you get, the more you earn. So use this easy method wisely.

Share Facebook Images Links

You probably noticed; funny images or memes tend to get more likes and shares on Facebook. Find trending images and shorten the Facebook image links using and share it with your friends and groups. This will definitely increase your earnings.

Share Website/Blog links

If there is any hot news or any breaking news going on, you can share the links from popular news websites or top blogs. Some curious people will always click on your links. If you’re a blogger, you can shorten your blog links and maximize your earnings.


I have literally tested maximum link shorteners and Among all the link shortener sites, is known as Best Link Shortner, and it also provides maximum payout. One of the best thing i liked about is that you can earn without having your own blog. Cheers, Happy Earning. 😀

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