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How to Boost Alexa Rank Furiously!

Animesh SinghAnimesh Singh

So, I have spend almost 1.5yrs exploring the possible ways to boost alexa rank of any website. And Finally I have found some ways which can seriously help any new-born website to be under 50k websites in India easily! 😉 Yup! I am going to share those simple tricks with you guys right below! 😀 It works with any new-born wordpress website and it does a charm! NOTE: Alexa is not important at all but the traffic and content is more valuable! Few pro bloggers say Alexa is complete bullshit so don’t be a alexa hungry! :p

So, if you started a new blog on WordPress and want a Alexa rank under 50k-25k websites in India with just 1-2articles, then you need to install few simple plugins and do some important steps which I have listed below! And don’t worry, it also works with old sites so follow the same 😉


Follow the steps!-

And then you’re done! Now all yo have to do is wait like 24-48hrs for Alexa to update its database and you will see your website under 80k rank in Indian stats possibly! 😀 I have just shared my views regarding it and its all about my experience.

Let us know if this helped you and Also if you have any doubts regarding the steps or process. We are here to respond and help you 🙂

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