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HOW TO: Boost AdSense CPC Furiosly and Increase Earnings!

Animesh SinghAnimesh Singh

A Universal problem for Adsense-bloggers are CPC. Almost every other person faces a low CPC issue which leads to quite lower earnings compared to what they deserve. I personally have been haunting for tricks and tips to boost adsense earnings for like 3months and finally! I have a solid trick which can help maximum bloggers to take their CPC upto 200% more than their current one. Whats the wait then? đŸ˜‰



Blocking ads from different categories does help you to boost your AdSense CPC with targetting the niche you focus on and showing ads particularly from your topic-related advertisers. I’m using this method to boost my CPC and it did! I had like 0.5-.10$ CPC before and after 2-3days of blocking the ads, I have like .20-0.29$ CPC! Amazing, isnt it?


  1. Open AdSense Homepage from here
  2. Click on the “Allow and block ads” tab on the menu
  3. Then, go to “General Category” for blocking the unnsessesary ads

4. Now, block those ad categories which doesn’t falls in your niche or those which has the lowest “% Earnings” tab standings( Like block those ads which is lower than 5% of earning standings).  REMEMBER– You can only block all total 50 Advertiser Categories which fea of them are present inside the main category like- Inside “Arts & Entertainment” criteria, their are sub-categories as Cartoons, Humour and Jokes and more. So be sure to block only those ads which you think makes u earn the lowest and doesn’t suits your niche.


The ads I’ve blocked.



Well, this is not many of us know. Keywords can really help you boost your earnings with Google AdSense. Doing a research on the highest paying keywords for the topic you are writing on will help you boost your CPC in many levels. Now what to use for doing that? Easy, open Semrush and create a account for yourself if you have not till now. Then, Log into the account and search for the topic you are writing in the search bar. Then you will be presented with numbers of Keywords with the CPC Standings. Choose the highest paying CPC Keyword and write focusing on it! This will gradually boost your earnings in a furistic way. It did to me! đŸ˜€


So that’s all what I use to make more dollars! I am not a pro but yes, these simple tricks does help me to get somewhat double of what I was receiving before 2weeks. Anyways, Comment down below your quiries if you have. We are here to help đŸ˜€ And Do share for your fellow bloggers to have more $$$$!

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