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5 Steps to Boost the Speed of your WordPress Website

Animesh SinghAnimesh Singh

Everyone now-a-days is having a personal web or else a Business website on different topics. But, one of the common issues maximum newbie bloggers have is speeding up their websites. They all have a slow website after some days of posting either because of their theme or media sizes and etc which harm the blog’s rankings as well as user-friendly behavior. But, What’s the solution? Yep, I will say you top 5 steps to speed up your website!

Here are the basic Steps to boost the speed of WordPress site:




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So, Yeah! These steps can help you boost the speed of your site furiously and you will be able to see the results within minutes after doing all of the steps written above! I’ve been personally following them from a year now It works great! 🙂

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  • Yeah, the post is nice.

    But, I fear using WP-Smush actually doesn’t increase the page speed that much, as it usually compresses the images and makes different versions of it. Ultimately, it can result in the disk storage of your web server.

    So, if a person is having limited web hosting disk (of course there is a limit of it), I wouldn’t suggest installing WP-Smush. CloudFlare does all that work, CloudFlare is free CDN provider itself. But to use it full power, one must to upgrade to their premium plan.

    A simple advice.

    • Exactly. Thats why without spending so much amount on Premium plan. One should use these manual procedures. Anyways, Thanks for the advises 🙂